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Thursday 12 January 2017

South Africa warns traditional healers to stop sleeping with patients

South Africa’s National Traditional Healers Organisation (THO) has warned its members to restrain from having sexual intercourse with patients in an attempt to heal them with sperm. The warning comes after a 43-year-old Traditional Healer, Phaladi Mahlaba raped a 16 year old girl who had visited him for medical consultation. According to the THO statement, it stressed that traditional healers cannot use sperm to treat their patients coming for consultation.

'As a traditional healer, you cannot use a sperm to treat or heal any of your patients. This is a crime and as an organisation, we do not tolerate such an act. The law should take its course. As healers, we have been warned…Such an incident will not be tolerated as it damages the image of the organisation. Although we have power over our patients, this does not allow us to abuse them and ask for sexual favors….All members are warned to be careful to avoid breaking the law'.However, Phaladi Mahlaba, a well-known tradition healer who had fled after raping his patient before he was apprehended and taken to the Nebo Magistrate's Court, is been remanded in custody with no bail until January 16 2017

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