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Thursday 30 November 2017

I Witnessed The Sale Of 20 Nigerian Girls And Death Of 25” – Libyan Returnee

Alex Otoide, from Edo state has revealed that 25 compatriots, ferried from Nigeria to Libya by a trafficker identified as Charles, perished in the Sahara Desert, in the course of the journey, TheNation reports.

Otoide said 7 members of the group also died inside a Libyan jail. “We were 55 that travelled from here to Libya, 25 people died in the desert. More than 7 people died from hunger and thirst inside the prison”, Otoide said.

Otoide spoke with journalists in a government camp in Benin City. He said the human trafficking agent, Charles collected the N500, 000 from him with a promise of a better life in Europe.

He, however, regretted that instead of Europe, he ended up in a Libyan jail. He said: “They sold about 20 girls in the night. I saw it. It was God that saved me. I left Nigeria with N500,000. I spent six months in Libya jail after the man that took my money ran away.”

The Nation reported that many of the returnees look skinny and exhausted while some of the women among them came back to the country with babies, whose fathers are not known.

Charles, the returnees said, is running a transit camp in Libya for those who wanted to travel illegally across the Mediterranean to Europe. He regularly made trips back to Nigeria where he persuaded desperate young men and women that he can help them to get to Europe from Libya for a fee of about N500, 000. .

But according to the deportees, after collecting the money, Charles usually abandoned them in Libya. The human trafficking kingpin reportedly operated several bank accounts with different names in Nigeria.

They alleged Charles kept Nigerians for days without food in his camp in Libya. Many of the migrants don’t even make it to Libya as they died of exhaustion in the Sahara desert, according to the migrants.

Another returnee. Osas Blessing, said: “Charles is very wicked. He does not care for human life. He is a Benin man. He pushed us into the sea at the wrong time. I heard he just left Nigeria with new passengers to Libya. He has frustrated many Nigerians.”

Credit: TheNation

Tyrese Gibson kisses Winnie Mandela On The Lips After Gifting Her With A ‘Fast And Furious’ Box Set (Video)

Tyrese Gibson is currently in South Africa wherr the ‘Fast and Furious’ actor paid a visit to Winnie Madikizela Mandela, the wife of former South African President, Nelson Mandela

The actor who landed in Johannesburg on Tuesday, was joined by his wife Samantha Lee Gibson, to visit the South African activist and politician in Soweto.

After the visit, Tyrese shared an Instagram video of himself presenting Winnie Mandela with a ‘Fast and Furious’ Box Set, which after he and his wife hugged and kissed her.

Captioning his video, an excited Tyrese wrote: ‘To kiss the lips of a revolutionary Mother Winnie Mandela Africa we love You and appreciate more than you could ever imagine for the love and warm embrace you made me and my wife feel MOST welcome thank you Mother see you soon!! and I wanted to leave you with some love Too…….. #FastEntireCollection Johannesburg I’m here baby

Watch the video below:Tyrese Gibson kisses Winnie Mandela On The Lips After Gifting Her With A ‘Fast And Furious’ Box Set (Video)

Actress Shan George meets NYPD officer who says Nigeria Police Force is “one of the best in the world”

A New York Police Department (NYDP) officer has described the Nigeria Police Force as one of the best in the world.

According to Nollywood actress, Shan George, the officer said that Nigerian police officers works so effectively though they are less equipped and underpaid.

I met this NYPD officer in New York, and he said the Nigeria Police is one of the best in the world. That he has never known of a Police that works so effectively with so less equipped and underpaid. Who is saying Nigeria Police is the worst in the world ? How? #respectthenigeriapolice #hardworkers #security #police #nigeria #newyork

Actress Shan George meets NYPD officer who says Nigeria Police Force is “one of the best in the world”

This is coming days after a report by the 2016 World Internal Security and Police (WISPI) and the International Police Science Association (IPSA) ranked the Nigeria Police Force the worst in the world.

Most Nigerian Men Are Now Afraid That Women Will Kill Them’ – New Study

In the wake of the unfortunate death of Bilyamin Bello, son of a former Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, there has been a somewhat surprising chatter about matricide.
In an ironic twist of Margaret Atwood’s quote, “men are afraid women will laugh at them; women are afraid men will kill them”, Nigerian men are now the ones displaying the fear of spousal violence. While men as victims too should be taken seriously enough, we should also resist attempts by people who want to propagate a spurious idea of gender violence by assessing issues with a false scale.

There is no statistical equivalence to the violence men and women suffer in domestic relationships. It is disingenuous to pretend that men are also frequent victims but whose pain is unfairly obscured by feminist sympathies.

The data suggest that at least one in three women has reported a case of domestic violence and as many as double that figure experience one form of domestic violence or the other. The most reliable and recent data is that of Lagos State that showed that in the first nine months of this year alone, 852 cases were reported. Of that figure, the men’s cases of domestic abuse were only 55 instances.

If we generalise with the figure, it means about 95 per cent of the time, women are the victims of various forms of domestic violence. Even if we adjust for varying factors such as ethnicity, religion, class, educational level, and so on, women will still be the bulk of the victims and men are the ones who carry out these acts of violence.

Bello’s death might have proved that any and every one can be a victim. What it does not change is that women are the more frequent victims.

Personally, I believe that much of the sensation around Bello’s death has been more of the twin interwoven factors: class and ethnicity, rather than genuine sympathies for the deceased. If the couple were not from a prominent family, they probably would not make front page news. Also, they are northerners.

In the patronising imagination of the southerners who dominate the media channels, the image of the northern woman must be that of one who is a perpetual victim of Islamist patriarchy; her veiled head symbolic of her equally veiled mind. The one woman that has (allegedly) diverged from this stereotypical script was instantly hailed as a revolutionary heroine by some febrile minds whose small minds turn severe issues to revanchist rhetoric like “battle of the sexes.”

One suspects that those two factors have made this incident compelling to the point that men feel vulnerable in a way they have never done before. If, therefore, men are now afraid that women too can kill them, then they will begin to understand the conditions under which many women have lived for long.

If men understand the fear of spousal abuse the way women have lived its reality for many years, then our society might finally have a much-needed enlightened debate around domestic violence and hopefully make some progress. Women have borne the brunt of the unevenness of power and which has predisposed them to domestic violence for so long their suffering is frequently downplayed, normalised, and even rationalised.

One can hardly go through three Yoruba films today without being assaulted with narratives that perpetuate violence and aggression against women. These stories are especially disturbing because their anti-women violence is hardly ever interrogated. Instead, women’s pain is represented as some kind of necessity and a self-denial that ultimately induces moral resolve or higher virtue. Whereas abuse is needless and oppressive. It diminishes people’s dignity.

Women themselves tend to accept abuse as inevitable because, really, they have few options. They are bracketed on all sides by their relative lack of economic empowerment, socio-cultural expectations, religion, and legal infrastructures that do not guarantee their rights. I have been part of women support group fora where I have been baffled by how women further victimise one another by telling other abuse victims to seek spiritual help when physically and emotionally abused by their spouses.

They tell the victims to pray so that God can change the hearts of their men. They advise them to watch War Room; to minimise one another and maximise their husband’s ego so that the manlier he feels, the less likely he would be violent. They teach one another to live with demeaning situations because, somehow, society has tied their ideas of personal virtue to being coupled. Thank God for other enlightened women who challenged these fellow women on their thinking. The fact that abuse has been ossified into social norms does not make it “normal.”

Men who languish in situations of domestic abuse do so largely because they are entrapped within our society’s outdated ideas of masculinity that thinks “real men” always have the brute physical force to “control” their women. Men who do not fit into these vacuous presumptions of male behaviour find themselves silenced by the social expectations that reserve aggression for only their gender.

To win the battle against domestic violence, we need to turn moments of public passion such as this into a productive one. We need to take domestic violence more seriously. Men, especially the ones with economic, physical, and political power who think they are insulated from domestic violence should understand that the campaign against domestic violence is not just a shrill cry by women advocates who want to wave the victim card for nothing. It has been a lived reality for women.

The problem is not the paucity of laws. Despite the few retrogressive religious laws in the penal code that allows men to beat women as a correct measure, Nigeria has enough in her books to fight domestic violence. Lagos State, for instance, has a model that is responsive to issues of domestic violence and which should be imitated by other states. The Violence Against Persons Prohibition Act of 2015 can go a long way to protect victims. There is a lot more to be done to make laws enforceable and effective – from training officials to handle issues better, to providing enough resources to prosecute the overwhelming number of cases.

However, domestic violence persists because there is a vast chasm between formal structures that purports to protect victims and the informal means of adjudication that treats these issues as “family matters.” People who should make an official report against their partners find themselves encumbered by cultural sentiments that re-victimise them. Ours is a society where serial wife-beaters are even elected lawmakers. How does a woman win against a system that gives an abusive spouse power to make laws that will ultimately translate to ensuring human rights and dignity?

Finally, a lot of problems can be made less knotty if, collectively, we relax some of our ideas about marriage. We need to tell men and women that no match was made in heaven and people who are unlucky to choose a wrong partner need not die in a ruinous union trying to prove what is not. We should re-evaluate our values and understand that it takes bravery to pick up what is left of one’s self-respect and walk rather than put up a perfect front for social media. Marriage is no ultimate achievement for anyone.

No man needs to prove his masculinity by tolerating a violent wife to “tame” her eventually. No woman should be blackmailed with the false notion that they have an intrinsic essence that can change a man; men are not growing babies who forever need mothering. People should be empowered to walk to save their lives and their sanity. Divorce should be no stigma; those who walk out of toxic relationships deserve to live a healthy life, and happily ever after too. (Punch)

Charly Boy Starts Sit Out At The Libyan Embassy, Abuja, In Protest Against The Ongoing Slave Trade In Libya

Charlie boy who is currently protestung as we speak retweeted the series of tweets from @OurMumuDonDo and @Adebayoraph:

Our peaceful demonstration today at the Libya Embassy Abuja against the barbaric selling and buying of Nigerians in Libya.

Nigerians with conscience were there. You too can join us again at the Foreign Affairs Commission on Monday.

#EndSlaveTrade #OurMumuDonDo

Nigerians are being sold as slaves for as low as $400 in Libya but the president of Nigeria is busy hobnobbing with other carefree African presidents.

Have we no shame anymore?

Was Nigeria cursed to have leaders like this ?

There is injustice everywhere. There will always be injustice everywhere. What we must not do is to sit and allow injustice anywhere. Even if we have to die like a soldier in the end, we must fight these injustices till we draw our last breathe.

The slavery transaction that we see in Libya today did not start yesterday. It has been there for a long time, since Stone Age, I dare to say. As it is in Libya today, so it was in prehistoric Nigeria; circa 11000BC in the Hausa Kingdoms.

Slavery will end only in a Nigeria, and indeed, a Africa, where there are no nobles and there are no commoners. For the courage to sell humans as slaves comes from the thinking that one is higher than the other human being.

Photos: Nigerian Lady Doing Her Youth Service Flogs Her An SS2 Boy Almost 50strokes Of Cane For Calling Her “Aunty Ass” And Asking Her Out

This young lady named Josep’s ‏ @Bumbabili is currently going viral on twitter after she revealed that she was nicknamed “Aunty ass” and then had to flog an ss2 student who asked her out

Lol so today my sss2 student told me, aunty you are my wife i can pay your brideprice Long story short i flogged him for every letter of his name. And i Multiplied it by 2 since he’s in ss2,

When I got my posting letter and came to my ppa. My employer asked me to pls be the science teacher. When the kids saw a female teaching physics, they laughed at me all day. Till I gave the whole class frog jump for thirty mins

Now, two months later, I still joke with them. I mean they’re my kids. But e get limit. They even nicknamed me aunty idi. Im still trying to figure out who gave me that name tho

see a reaction that went viral;

by @Bimzee_
I experienced something similar during my service year. The girl is stubborn, I always flog her and she opened up one day, “Uncle you are always beating me, I know you don’t love me but I love you” I was shocked but since that day I’ve started calling her my sister. Jss2 girl

Because assuming you kept quiet and did say or do anything to the kid when he said that, u will just notice that he will grow in confidence and might even decide to tap that ass one day, oh myyyy

Photos: 11year Old Child Gives Birth To A Baby

According to a french facebook page named First Magazine who shared these photos an 11year old child has just given birth to a child, according to them she was impreganeted by her elder brother:
Seen on the net
Amazing but true! A 11-Year-old girl just gave birth to a baby. Both Children (mama and baby) are doing well as you see them here in l’ hospital. NB: she was pregnant by his handsome brother named Moussa Oulen from gueckedou

Update!!! After Carrying Out More Investigation we just found out the post was originally posted by A Page named Konia Media group

below is how they captioned it;
Amazing but true! A 11-Year-old girl just gave birth to a baby. Both Children (mama and baby) are doing well as you see them here in l’ hospital. NB: she was pregnant by his brother-in-law a criminal named Moussa Oulen aged 50 from gueckedou. What do you think of this man?

VIDEO: Wizboyy ft. Zoro – Ogaranya

“Wizboyy returns just in time for the festive season with another hit-bound collaboration titled ‘Ogaranya’. The star musician sings about the good life, reminisces and inspires on the track which features indigenous rapper Zoro.

‘Ogaranya’ is a highlife number with solid production built on heavy and steady percussion setting the tone for Wizboyy’s brilliant vocal delivery. Watch the full video for the Paul Gambit – directed visual”

Poetic Ken – Nwata (Refix)

Poetic Ken – Nwata (Refix)

“Afro Beat prodigy Poetic Ken captures our hearts with the visuals of his new dope single *NWATA* (Refix) Produced by Original Beatz .
His sound is revolutionary,subtle and rhythmically melodious.He charismatically bites off the pure elements of Afrobeat and blends it with fragments of high life to produce this sweet unique sound.Go check out this brilliant music.

VIDEO: Galaktiq ft. Olamide – Bottles

VIDEO: Galaktiq ft. Olamide – Bottles

“Texas based duo singer, Galaktiq unwraps the official music video to their latest single titled “Enough” featuring Ybnl boss Olamide.
Directed by P4MKOBENA.

Watch, download below & enjoy”

Wednesday 29 November 2017

Nollywood Actress, Makida Moka Gets Engaged, Reveals How Her Ex-boyfriend’s Absence Got Her Hooked To The Love Of Her Life

Beautiful model and actress, Makida Moka, is engaged to her man, Oliver Onyekweli. Makida announced their engagement on her IG page. She shared photos of herself and her man during their introduction that took place recently and wrote

‘M.M and O.O. He came to officially ask my family because first of all INTRODUCTION. ???? #MO18xFOREVER
#makidamoka #Makidamoka25#TheRoadToBeingMrsOnyekweli
#BeingMrsOnyekweli #MMOforshort
#Theyvecometoaskforme#weddingbellsarebeginningtoring#img alt=’Model and actress, Makida Moka gets engaged, reveals how her ex-boyfriend’s absence got her hooked to the love of her life’ class=’img-responsive text-center’ style=’margin: auto;’ettingmarried #Oliversbabygirl#thankful #blessed #grateful #loveit’.

Congrats to them! On twitter, Makida revealed how her ex-boyfriend’s absence got her hooked to the love of her life, Oliver. Read below

Nigerian Man Gets His Parents Arrested After He Came Back From Italy To Discover They’ve Been Sending Him Pictures Of A Fake House He Was Sending Them

A Nigerian man based in Italy has reportedly gotten his 65 year old father and 56 year old mum arrested for allegedly sending him pictures of a fake house they were building for him while in Italy. Facebook user, Nnamdi Victor who shared the story online wrote;

‘One of us just locked his parents up in police cell. His 65 year old father and 56 year old mother slept in police cell last night with an instruction that anyone who comes close to bail them should be locked up too. I know what the parents did are wrong but I have been pleading with him since last week not to toe this path. There are many ways to solve issues like this.

If your parents do same to you, would you have done exactly what he did or you would have handled it differently? Hear him :

“Ben, I’m sorry I have to do what I did. You won’t understand how painful it is to be hustling here only to find out that my stupid and greedy parents were just wasting all my efforts on frivolities. Like you already know, I have been in Italy doing all kinds of menial jobs just to put food on my table and make some savings. I have been here for six good years but I have never visited Nigeria. I have been sending some cash to my parents to help me buy two plots of land and start building on it for all of us because we have suffered enough as a family, paying rent always.

Ben do you know that my foolish parents only bought one plot of land and nothing has been going on there apart from the initial foundation.? In fact they started the foundation recently when they knew I will be visiting Nigeria. They have been sending me fake pictures of my house. Bro I’m mad. I don’t know what they used all the money for. They don’t know how I managed to make these savings. Omg I just wasted six years in Italy without anything to show for it. If I can’t trust my own parents, who then can I trust?

I will spend the remaining money I have with me on police to make sure they remained there until I go back to start a new hustle. Please Ben if you have a trusted lady in her late thirties who can build with me, kindly hook me up to her. I can’t trust these foolish parents of mine again.”

Nigerian lady dies ahead of child dedication just few months after her wedding (Photos)

ributes are pouring in for a serving Youth corper, Idongesit Emmanuel Inuk popularly known as Eka Iban- following her tragic demise.
According to online reports from her friends, the pretty lady died just few months after her glamorous wedding and was preparing for her child’s dedication before passing away.

Her burial was held today 29th November, 2017 at The Lutheran Church of Nigeria, Holy Trinity Cathedral, Itiam Ikot Ebia, Uyo, Akwa Ibom state.

May her soul rest in peace.

2017 MOBO Awards: Wizkid Becomes The First African Artist To Win “Best International Act”, Davido Wins Best African Act

Nigerian starboy, Wizkid has made history as he becomes the first African artist to win “Best International Act” at the MOBO Awards which held last night.
He has now joined the likes of Eminem, Drake, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, and Beyoncé as winners of the category.

Davido also won the Best African act category. See full list of winners below….


The 2017 Mobo winners in full, Best male act: Stormzy …Best female act: Stefflon Don,,, Best album: Stormzy – Gang Signs & Prayer

Best newcomer: Dave,,, Best song: J Hus – Did You See,,, Best video: Mist – Hot Property,,, Best hip-hop act: Giggs,,, Best grime act: Stormzy

Best R&B/soul act: Craig David,,, Best international act: Wizkid,,,, Best African act: Davido,,,, Best reggae act: Damian Marley

Best jazz act: Moses Boyd,,,,, Best gospel act: Volney Morgan & New-Ye

We Must Take A Stand Against All Forms Of Slavery Including The House-helps You Kick And Scream At All Day At Home’ – Eldee tweets

Nigerian rapper, Eldee while reflecting on the on-going babaric slave trade in Libya, also shed light on the inhumane practices that most house helps in African homes are subjected to and calls it slavery too…

Reaad his tweets below…

..While we’re on the topic of slavery in Libya, I hope we also find time to reflect on the slavery & human trafficking in many of our African homes as well. Those”house-helps” from Benin/Togo whose masters get paid 10k every month to do chores from dusk till dawn. #Slavery

— eLDee (@eLDeeTheDon) November 29, 2017
I’m talking about the ones you kick and scream at all day to do your house chores, watch your kids, do your laundry, dishes, cook etc. The ones you pay less than $50 a month to the man/woman who brought him/her from Benin/Calabar/Akwa Ibom/Togo. Yes, that is also #Slavery.

— eLDee (@eLDeeTheDon) November 29, 2017
Lets not only kick against slavery when it is convenient. If you really want to take a stand, Let go of the unfortunate teenager that is slaving away in your quarters right now. You are not very different from the Libyan who paid for slaves to do his chores. #slavery

— eLDee (@eLDeeTheDon) November 29, 2017
We must take a stand against ALL forms of Slavery. It is not only slavery when it is against black people by other races, it is also slavery when it is black on black. Take a stand today, tell your friend, your family & your neighbors to let go of their slaves. #slavery

— eLDee (@eLDeeTheDon) November 29, 2017
The fact that it is a part of our culture doesn’t mean we can not evolve. As we learn and become more aware, we must change our ways and replace our practices with more sensible and more humane ones. Free your slave(s) today! #slavery

— eLDee (@eLDeeTheDon) November 29, 2017
I’ve had this argument with many who confuse slavery with employment. You can not employ a child for labor and pay the wages to his/her “master/parent/uncle”. That is #slavery and it is wrong.

— eLDee (@eLDeeTheDon) November 29, 2017
There’s little difference in the sex worker that was trafficked to Europe and your house help that was trafficked from the village. So long as the trafficker is who gets paid for their work, they’re both working towards regaining their freedom, it is #slavery.

— eLDee (@eLDeeTheDon) November 29, 2017
And please dont get all defensive, we’ve all unwittingly either practiced or tolerated it at some point. I’m not just on a self righteous rant, we must recognize it for what it is. I’m glad we’re all upset about Libya as we should be. But there’s more to be upset about. #slavery

— eLDee (@eLDeeTheDon) November 29, 2017

Libya Slave Trade: “Pres. Buhari Is Silent Because Most Victims Are Yorubas, Edos And Igbos” – Fani-Kayode

According to former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, most Nigerians sold into slavery in Libya were natives of Igbo, Edo and Yoruba.

He asserted that 75% of those sold into slavery have their “organs harvested, bodies mutilated and roasted like suya.” and that President Muhammadu Buhari has remained silent over the issue because most of the victims were not from the North.

Here’s what he tweeted;

“75% of those sold into slavery in Libya who have their organs harvested, bodies mutilated and who are roasted like suya are from southern Nigeria.
“They are mostly Igbo, Edo and Yoruba. U see why Buhari’s evil regime don’t care? They are not Fulani herdsmen”- Paul Achalla.”

Photos: Libya To Step Up Migrant Repatriation Flights, As 140 Nigerians Return Home

Libya’s UN-backed authorities said Tuesday that flights repatriating stranded migrants will be stepped up, as the International Organization for Migration called on Tripoli to empty its detention centres.

The plight of migrants in Libya has garnered fresh attention after an outcry over reports of slave auctions in the country, an enormous transit hub for sub-Saharan Africans seeking to reach Europe.

Human-trafficking networks have flourished in the chaos that followed a NATO-backed uprising which toppled long-time Libyan dictator Moamer Kadhafi in 2011.

In a joint operation involving the internationally recognised authorities and UN migration agency, the IOM, 140 Nigerian migrants were jetted out of Libya on Tuesday in the latest in a string of flights carrying migrants out of the country.

At the Tarik al-Sikka detention centre in downtown Tripoli the migrants received their temporary travel documents, clothing and food before being bussed to the airport.

Flights would increase from two to four times a week in agreement with the UN agency, he said, adding that some 9,700 people had been repatriated from Tarik al-Sikka so far this year.

The latest repatriation came as the head of the IOM called on the authorities in Tripoli to agree to shut down 30 detention centres holding 15,000 migrants.

“We need from the Libyans the agreement that we can empty these centres, and I think they will agree to that,” William Lacy Swing told a meeting of the UN Security Council.

The detention of the migrants, most of whom are fleeing poverty, has become a pressing issue since CNN aired video footage of an apparent auction of African men in Libya that sparked global outrage.

Libya’s UN envoy rejected the report of the slave auctions as a campaign to portray the country as racist and accused African governments of failing to take responsibility for the well-being of their citizens.

Cristiano Ronaldo Cradles His Daughter Eva As They Pose For Beautiful Family Photos

On the football field Cristiano Ronaldo is an icon of the sport and arguably the best player on the planet – but off it he has the responsibilities of fatherhood too.

The Real Madrid winger posed for a picture on Instagram with his baby daughter Eva, one of his four children.

The post was captioned simply with a heart emoji, as the 32-year-old looked relaxed and happy with his little girl.

Eva was born alongside twin brother Mateo in June via a surrogate mother, and is one of three children born to Ronaldo this year.
Ronaldo’s girlfriend, Georgina Rodriguez, also gave birth to another daughter, Alana Martina, in November, to add another member to a suddenly burgeoning Ronaldo family.

The footballer also has a seven-year-old son, Cristiano Ronaldo junior – leaving him with enough members for a five-a-side team, once his offspring are older and if they are as sport-inclined as their father.

The Portuguese international has no plans to stop however, saying he wants ‘seven children and seven Ballon D’ors’.

With such a busy household, Ronaldo is probably grateful for any chance to get back to training with his Real Madrid team mates, as they aim to close the gap to La Liga leaders Barcelona.

In midweek they have a break for the Copa del Rey, with Real facing minnows Fuenlabrada on Tuesday evening.
Ronaldo may have a rest – much needed – for that game, however fellow star Gareth Bale could make his comeback from injury

Nigerian Man Found Dead In A Suspicious Manner After Leaving Lagos For Party in Ogun State With Friends (Photo)

Here’s what Maiyegun’s Diary wrote,

‘The death of a young man is yet to unraveled after passing away in a suspicious manner. The man and his friends reportedly left Lagos to Abeokuta, Ogun state for a party but his mutilated body was returned to his family with the claim that their car involved in accident and the man was the only victim.
Even though the story of his death is suspicious, the accident scene and the car involved can’t be verified or spotted. One of his eyes was reportedly removed with no explanation.

Jealous Husband Beats Wife for Every Facebook Like She Receives

A 21-year-old woman identified as Adolfina Camelli Ortigoza, had to undergo reconstruction surgery on her face after her jealous husband punched her for every Facebook ‘like’ she received, Daily Mirror reports. .

Ortigoza was rescued last week after being kept captive in her home by husband Pedro Heriberto Galeano who subjected her to constant beatings, according to police. Her face was said to be completely disfigured by a series of brutal attacks.

Yesterday the woman’s lawyer claimed Galeano, 32, would become violent when anyone liked the photos she posted of herself on Facebook . He began to beat her up every time one of her friends on social media reacted to any of her posts. .

Galeano later took control of her Facebook page, where he would post pictures of her, and continued to punch and kick her for every ‘like’ the posts received.

Lawyer Arnaldo Martinez told how Ms Ortigoza, from Nemby near Asuncion, Uruguay, would dread a notification telling her that someone had reacted or commented on a post.

Her friends had no idea that each time they made the friendly online gesture she would be brutally beaten. He said: “He accused her of having a relationship with them.”

The man’s father finally reported his violent son to the police after he believed the woman would die following the last attack. Ms Ortigoza was so disfigured by the violence she wasn’t able to recognised herself after being shown photos of herself after being beaten.

She underwent reconstruction operations of the nasal septum and lips. Galeano was captured and charged with attempted femicide, deprivation of liberty and coersion, crimes which carry a maximum penalty of 30 years in prison.

Via: Mirror, Matt Roper

Tuesday 28 November 2017

Nigerian Celebrities Fianlly Speak Up Against The On Going Slave Trade In Libya

After several foreign celebrities have reacted to it, and after been called out by actress Georgina Onuoha, Nigerian celebrities have finally raised their voices to bring awareness to the Slave trade going on in Libya.

All the celebrities pictured above and more reacted via their Instagram pages. See their posts below…

@OmoniOboli: I thought I would wake up and realize it’s all a bad dream! Alas…
If all the leaders in Africa, where our brothers and sisters are migrating from come together, they can certainly put a stop to this madness! African leaders wake up! If you fix your countries, people won’t see the need to migrate illegally at all cost! I cannot imagine the level of depravity that will make a person subject themselves to such routes of migration Alas, a lot of people don’t even know this is what awaits them on the other side. To you young person reading and seeing, I know it’s hard, I know…but if the migration route is not clear cut or legal, my brother, my sister, e better to suffer for Nigeria or which ever country you dey o! To you mother, that brother or sister or ‘Mama Italy’ or whoever that said you should bring some money and they’ll ‘help’ your son or daughter to ‘abroad’, this most times, is what awaits them.
In the meantime, let’s cry for help for the thousands that are trapped there in slavery and even in prisons.

Libyan government, how do you people sleep at night knowing this is happening in your country? These are human beings being slaughtered and enslaved #PrayForOurBrothersAndSistersInLibya but while we pray, let’s shake the foundations with our voices! With one voice, we are loud enough! #Libya #ModerndaySlavery #Slavery