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Friday 7 February 2020

Public speaker Everette Taylor threatens suicide after socialite Karrine Stefans' claimed she's pregnant with his baby

Public speaker Everette Taylor is threatening to commit suicide 
after author Karrine Stefans, aka Superhead, claimed she's pregnant with his child.

Karrine Stefan, 41, shared the news of her pregnancy during an exclusive interview with The Jasmine Brand. She said she is in the early stage of her pregnancy and the baby is due in the Summer. Stefan, who has a 22-year-old son, said her son is excited to become a big brother.

But Everette Taylor, who met Stefan on Twitter a few years ago and struck up a relationship with her, doesn't seem excited about the news.

After the interview went public, the 31-year-old tech wizard who founded the marketing software PopSocial, took to social media to threaten suicide.

He described Steffans as an "evil" person who "has been a huge trigger for my depression, anxiety and just overall struggles with my mental health."

"She's a cruel, abusive, and manipulative person," he wrote.

He claimed Steffans threatened to destroy his career whenever he tried to leave her. As a result, he said he's had to "do whatever she said, and give her anything she needed" for years.

He added: "If I did not, she would threaten to ruin my career."

He said her constant threats sent him to a "darker place," and when he reached out to "someone whom she did the same thing to", the man advised Taylor to cut off all communications with Stefan.

Taylor said he did as he was told and Stefan "acted out".

He added: "Don't believe the lies. She's using it as promo for her new book."

He went on to say that "the last 24 hours has been tough". He apologized to all the people he has wronged, then said the post will be his "last words" as he hinted at committing suicide.

Friends have reached out to Taylor and one friend assured Taylor's social media followers that he is fine.

Read Stefan's suicide note below.

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