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Monday 17 February 2020

Comparison with those on social media is one of the things killing people today - Nathaniel Bassey

Gospel singer, Nathaniel Bassey on Monday morning appealed to Nigerians, particularly the youths, not to allow themselves slip into depression by comparing their lives to people on social media.

In a post shared on his IG page, the singer stated that as a youth pastor, he has come to understand that many of the problems youths face is because they compare their lives to others, forgetting all the benefits of God towards them. He encouraged everyone to remmber God's goodness and stay giving thanks always.

He wrote

As a youth Pastor myself, I get to speak with a lot of young people. And many times when I trace the root of their issues, one of the things I find, amongst other things, is this. The era we live in is one of “make belief”


I have seen people take sad trips because all they do, all day, is focus, ruminate & meditate on the shines & blings that, some times, others intentionally want them to see, especially on social media, while forgetting the ENORMOUS goodness and mercies of God in their own lives. And the moment you cease to see how good HE has been to you, you open a door to these tormenting spirits. And all they make you see is how “terrible” your situation is. And as you feed on this, you begin to get “weighed” down. DEPRESSED. “THE- PRESS” begins to act on you- then you begin to make DECISIONS based on these feelings. And the end of these decisions play out the lies you were told by the devil. And later you tend to feel a sense of justification about the way your felt at first.

PLEASE GIVE THANKS! Spend more time in the word. Focus on His goodness. Literally COUNT THEM. As as you do, the Holy Spirit would shed more light on then bringing to your remembrance God’s faithful acts in your life . Then even the things you are expecting and waiting on would begin to fall in place one after the other !
Nothing wrong with looking at other people’s successes. But do so and be truly grateful for them, without necessarily doing so against the backdrop of your own situation.
This week BE GRATEFUL !

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