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Sunday 22 January 2017

George Michael's former lover claims the late singer was 'hooked on sex drugs'

Paul Stag, a former lover of late singer George Michael, claims he was addicted to a sex drug which led to his death. Stag who dated George for nine years from 2004 after they met through a gay magazine said he often supplied him with Liquid G, a sleeping drug also known as chems and GHB.

He believes the drug was in George's system when he died aged 53 on Christmas Day.

Speaking to the Sun on Sunday, Stag said:
'George was mad on G. He loved it. It is 100 per cent he would have had chems on Christmas Eve before his death.'
'He was incredibly sexually active and in his mind drugs equalled sex and sex equalled drugs. My belief is he didn't separate that until the day he died.'
Mr Stag said George couldn't handle his drugs and he could see a 'car crash' end coming towards the end of their relationship
'I saw him collapse many, many times,' he said. 'He threw up on my bathroom floor and I had to kick him out of my house.'

He claimed that throughout their nine year relationship, George summoned him up to 500 times but sometimes it was just to deliver the drugs and not to have sex, he claims George was high on the drug whenever they had sex.

While the police is yet to receive the results of toxicology tests after the singer was found dead at his home on Christmas day last year, his childhood friend, Andros Georgiou believe drugs led to his demise. He says George was cleaning up his act only to be dragged back into drugs by bad influences. He said:
'He (George) was actually getting better. He had stopped all the hard drugs and was trying to lead a normal life again.

'I just believe he was dragged back in to the dark side. The people who have dragged him in need to answer for that, as far as I'm concerned.'

Mr Georgiou said he believed Michael's death was an 'accident' and that, although he had 'suicidal thoughts', he does not believe 'in a million years' that it was suicide.

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