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Tuesday 24 January 2017

Donald Trump threatens to send the Feds to Chicago if the killings don't reduce, takes a swipe at CNN

So far in Chicago, Illinois, there have been 228 shootings with 42 dead this year alone. US president Donald Trump who has always complained about the frequent shootings and deaths of people in the city took to his Twitter account to warn the city, targeting its Mayor, Rahm Emanuel who is democrat, to do something about it or he will send the feds. Then he congratulated Fox News and mocked CNN. Read what he tweeted after the cut..

"In January, we're seeing a substantial increase from the prior year. I'm very concerned that that trend might continue. We're seeing a significant increase in our penetrating trauma, mostly GSWs," said Dr. Leslie Zun, system chair for Emergency Medicine, Sinai Health System.

That increase has yet to be calculated, since the month is not over yet. Dr. Zun hopes the violent trend to the new year will slow down.
"We need to do more. We need to look at other ways to reduce the violence in our community, the gun access," Dr. Zun said.
Note: Chicago is a gun free city.

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