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Friday 27 January 2017

80-year-old spiritual healer cures blindness by licking patients' eyeballs

80-year-old spiritual healer, Hava Celebic AKA nana Hava, claims that her tongue possesses healing abilities and she has cured over 5,000 people from all over the world using her tongue. She corrects the eye defects of her patients by first washing her mouth with alcohol to sterilise it, afterwards she licks the eyeballs of the patient. Hava claims her methods are more effective than modern medicine and has worked for so many people.

"There are a lot of those that modern medicine could not help. They came to me out of the hospital with swollen eyes, I clean them and remove the speck." She said.Hava, who hails from Bosnia and Herzegovina in Europe, removes particles like lead, iron, coal, sawdust and glass from people's eyes.

For those who are unemployed and cannot afford it, she treats them for free but charges the sum of 10 Euros from those who can afford to pay. She revealed that she learnt her methods from a woman who was also called Hava however, the healing ability of her tongue is a natural gift, one she claims only her possesses in the entire world.

She has been told that when she dies, the locals are likely to cut off her tongue so as to continue benefitting from it but she does not believe she will pass her gift on to any of her children because according to her, "they are too disgusted to put their tongue in someone else's eye". More photos below.

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