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Wednesday 11 January 2017

LIB Exclusive: 'The Truth about my relationship with Sarah Ofili and Ikechukwu' - Terry Tha Rapman speaks

A few days back, Nigerian rapper Ikechukwu was a guest on 'Loose Talk Podcast' on Pulse.

There, the rapper asked 'what's your beef with Terry Tha Rapman and he replied saying,

'OGs like to pride themselves as having an extensive amount of knowledge, life experiences and know how.
Besides that, they like to also believe that that have their ears to the ground, what's running on the street always finds their way to my ears. I consider myself an OG'.Though he tried o evade the question, but he managed to chip this in,

' smile in your face all the time, backstabbers, nigga you was f**king my shawty you ain't tell me and try to be my hommie. That's real shit'. But guess what I still played the bigger man. I didn't even tell Sarah, and I see him (Terry) when I'm with her and I'm all cool'.Sarah and Terry heard the interview and they went ballistic on social media. Read Here.
LIB has now reached out to Terry Tha Rapman who spoke to us exclusively saying,
'Sarah is a girl I've known since she was like 16. She's family friends and my sister's best friend. We dated way back but we were young so it wasn't a serious thing. We now became best of friends over the years. So it's easy to feel we are dating because we are always together. I guess in Nigeria,when you have a really beautiful woman as a friend. It's hard to believe. And I have a lot of female friends I'm not intimate with. It's just how I am. Women are just comfortable around me'.
He continued to say,
'He started dating her way after,but we were still friends. She was mostly in London then so i would check up on her occasionally. I wasnt friends with Ikechukwu but we always met at events or at a recording studio. And as guys we had each other's contacts at a point. So you can say we were sort of acquainted. Never for once this man voice to me if he had a problem with me being friends with Sarah Ofili, the few times that we met. And I can count them on one hand. So years later,you can imagine my shock. Now when I heard several other references I realized this guy has a real problem with me'.Ikechukwu and Sarah Ofili got engaged in October of 2011 where he proposed to Sarah in front of family and friends on her birthday but they broke up in February 2013.

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