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Wednesday 4 January 2017

Amazing Over two decades later, Nigerian woman recreates her mother's photo with her own daughter

Yasmin's mother took this photo over two decades ago. So when Yasmin had her own daughter she decided to recreate the photo. The resemblance is striking! Below is a post by the photographer Udimee:

"Pictures are powerful. They freeze time, preserve memories and document history in ways that still intrigue me. *
Over two decades ago, Yasmin’s mom had this photo taken (the one on the left) and recently, after Yasmin welcomed a baby girl, she decided that she wanted to recreate that same photo. The curious thing though, is how close the resemblance is between the three people in the photo. Yasmin looks just like her mum in the older picture and her daughter looks exactly like the younger Yasmin. *
Interestingly, I have not seen Yasmin in one year. However, the last time we met for a photoshoot at her house, I made a photo of her with a little girl, a relative of hers who kept trying to get into our pictures. So we included her in one with Yasmin and recently, when I was looking for a picture for my story, A Northern Dream, I stumbled on that picture and shared it on Instagram. Someone told Yasmin about it and that is how we got reunited for this exciting project. She had been looking for a photographer for this for a while. Can you believe that? *
It is in moments like this that I often place a lot of value on the job that I do. Photographers have helped preserve powerful memories for posterity and that is a truly noble thing, I think. Who knows, someday, Little Armani might want to make the same image and I might just be fortunate to be the guy who makes that image as well. Here is to Photographers and Powerful Memories!"Photo credit: Udimee

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