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Monday 19 November 2018

Things that stunned us about The Olojo Festival

The Olojo Festival is one of the over 37 festivals that MTN Nigeria is sponsoring this year with the Kulture Fest initiative. Many of us young ‘uns’ are a little out of touch with our roots. Some of us have lost it all a loooong time ago. But with Kulture Fest, we get to see our cultures in the palm of our fingers. We get to not only be reminded, some of us catch a glimpse of history that we may never see again.

Osun state, the home of the Olojo festival, has been a blast! Here are the things that got us puzzled, entertained and proud all at the same time:

A man Who Swallowed Razor Blades:

Nope, there is no typo there, you read it well. At the Olojo Festival stage, one of the portrayers of the god of thunder sat on the stage and swallowed a string of razor blades! That’s a trick we will not be willing to try anytime soon! Thank you very much.

Performers at the Olojo Festival, Ile-Ife, Osun State.

2. Cultural Dance Is The Real Deal!

Forget all that moving upandan we all saw in secondary school. In Ile-ife the traditional dancers are in a class all by themselves. They reign supreme and they know it. The amount of energy they have can power up a house for 6 months! No joking

3. Ife Men Have Style o!

How many men do you know have the strength to wear this shade of turquoise? Now how many men do you know can pull it off like this? Now think again, how many can do so in a wrapper while beating at drums furiously? Enough said.

4. So Much White!

We have never seen so many people in one place, in a single colour. It gave the whole place this mysterious ambience. We can't quite explain it, but it made the whole experience more ethereal.

5. The Aso Oke Was Peng!

The women in Ife do not joke about their fashion. The head gears were sky scraping! It gave the whole place the pop of much needed colour.

Now we are looking forward to the rest of the festival and we are anxiously waiting for the next stop of MTN’s Kulture Fest.

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