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Saturday 14 July 2018

See the very touching message Alexis Ohanian wrote for Serena before she played in Wimbledon women's final and lost

Reddit co-founder, Alexis Ohanian is very supportive of his wife and it's safe to say he's her biggest cheerleader.

Before Serena Williams played today in the Wimbledon women's final, Alexis wrote a very touching message expressing his faith in her abilities.

Sadly, Serena lost to Angelique Kerber and Alexis edited the message to congratulate Angelique.

His initial message read:

Days after our baby girl was born, I kissed my wife goodbye before surgery and neither of us knew if she would be coming back.

We just wanted her to survive—10 months later, she's in the #Wimbledon final.

Congratulations, @angie.kerber.

@serenawilliams will be holding a trophy again soon—she's got the greatest one waiting at home for her. Our family knows she'll win many more trophies, too.

She's just getting started. And I couldn't be more proud.

Below is his edited message.

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