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Thursday 23 March 2017

Teenager who escaped crocodile attack said he put himself in harm's way to impress a girl

What's the craziest thing you've ever done to impress someone you liked? Chances are, it didn't involve knowingly putting your life on the line. Australian backpacker Lee De Paauw jumped into crocodile infested waters to impress Sophie Patterson, the girl he's dating. He was savagely attacked by a crocodile but luckily, he escaped with extensive injuries to his arm after putting up a fight. He said all he could think was:

“Holy crap, I’m gone for sure." “At that point, I punched it in the snout. The second hit, I got it straight in the eye and then it let go."Sophie said:

“It all happened very fast, pretty much as soon as he jumped in, there was splashing and screaming." “There was a lot of blood. A lot of bone. It was just pretty horrendous.”Even after the traumatic experience, De Paauw appears to still be smitten with Patterson. He says they plan to see a movie together, once he’s released from the hospital.

“She’s beautiful, caring and kind. I didn’t know there was a croc there,” he said. “I just done it for Sophie.”

Source: Huffpost

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