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Monday 27 March 2017

Stepdad kills 2-year-old girl in anger after he lost computer game

A stepdad killed her 2-year-old stepdaughter by throwing her into a door in frustration because he lost a computer game he was playing. Szymon Brzozowski, 24, threw the toddler at the door's metal frame and she eventually died from "cranio-cerebral injuries".

The toddler, whose name was given as Lilka, did not lose consciousness after the attack but she couldn't eat or drink anything subsequently.

Her mother, Angelika, 24, took her to the hospital two days later but did not tell medics what really happened to her daughter. Three days later, during an operation, the child died. Prosecutors said the girl had been suffering from "cranio-cerebral injuries" - injuries to the skull and brain.

The incident occurred at the family's home in the village of Pila in Wielkopolska Province in Poland. This will not be the first time Lilka is receiving treatment for injuries suspected to be related to domestic violence, but when it happened previously, Angelika had told social workers that the child was clumsy and constantly walked into things.

Following interrogation, Brzozowski revealed that his method of punishing a child was to make them stand in a corner or lock them in the bathroom. Angelika later opened up to police that Brzozowski had "thrown the girl at the door frame in frustration at losing at a computer game".

He has been charged with child abuse that led to the death of a child, as well as mentally abusing his wife and her other two children while Angelika was charged with failing to provide medical help. Brzozowski faces a sentence of up to 12 years if found guilty

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