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Friday 31 March 2017

Man-snatching scandal: "We eat from the same plate, Farida knows all my secrets" Aisha Laar opens up (photos)

Last week, Aisha Laar's Instagram post went viral after she accused her friend Farida of snatching her fiance, Junaidu.

In an exclusive interview with Northern Hibiscus , the student of Bayero University Kano, talked about the 'snatching' allegation, converting to Islam, her friendship with Farida, relationship with Junaidu and how she found out that her two closest friends betrayed her. Check out the interview below:
H: Hello, can we meet you?

AISHA OC: My name is Aisha Laar. I am from Kaduna state kafanchan to be exact. I am a student of Bayero university Kano, and i am in my 20s

NH: from all the comments flying on social media we saw that you converted to Islam. please could you elaborate on that.

AISHA OC: yes i was a christian, i was born in a christian home and yes my parents and siblings are all Christians. i had so many Muslim friends and every time they prayed i was mesmerized. i wanted Islam. i knew when i tell my parents they might not agree so i ran from home, I went to a relative who later sent me to Dr Ahmed Gummi. i went to his office boldly and told his aides that i had an appointment. I was a very young teen!
He was amused, he saw a very young girl with so much energy so he sent for my parents. They came and they agreed for me to convert and they later took me home. They got me malams that helped me with every thing and i entered a near by islamiya! He wanted to name me khadija but i choose aisha because i liked the name so much. My name was Katherine but now i am proudly AISHA!!! ALHAMDULLILLAH

H: I am itching to dive into the matter. but first when did you meet junaidu and farida

AISHA OC: First i met farida in KD very nice lady and we clicked instantly
we have been friends for a while, we both are schooling in Kano
so we are always together, i sleep in her house sometimes she sleeps in mine, We eat from the same plate, that's how close i am with Farida. She knows my every move she knows all my secrets.

Junaidu, i met last year precisely 25th of February 2016
we clicked instantly. He is a very caring person and would put you over him self. He is very selfless and i fell hard. He is a passionate person and he has sacrificed a lot for me. He said :Aisha i love you and i want to spend the rest of my life with you, i can't waste time" i was so excited and on the 16th of july, junaidu met my parents and paid my bride price!! he paid N100,000 sadaki and N50,000 kudin gaisuwa. i was over joyed! They fixed 26th of december for the wedding fatiha! Every body that knew me knew junaidu.

H: Is he a wealthy man, dan i don't see why 2 friends would be fighting over him

AISHA OC: Lol as i said he is very caring (yana da rufin asiri ALHAMDULLILLAHI) not money but his nature i think,. and mind you we didn't fight over him. I never knew they were dating.

NH: So what happened afterwards why didn't you get married on the 26th of December

AISHA OC: Every thing was fine up until he started having trust issues. He felt farida (his bride) was influencing me and he wanted our friendship stopped. the strong head girl inside me wouldn't bow to that. Farida is my friend and she is a nice person, i see nothing wrong in being friends with her. He became paranoid. Every time i go out with friends he became super uncomfortable. We fought constantly. clearly he had an informant close to me. I wouldn't lie and say i didn't have male friends. but when junaid came and stated his intentions i did away with them. and he knows! i wanted to marry him. Junaid is the clingy type who would call you 10 times a day ( i loved that about him) So after one major fight we had he went mute for a whole week!!! It felt pretty strange. and I WAS heart broken, i missed him but kunsan jan aji i didn't call. We later came back together but the relationship has been strained! We unanimously shifted the date to 2nd week of February 2017

NH: So how did junaid and farida meet?

AISHA OC: They know each other. when he visits me, we go out together.
when they started dating , that i don't know.
but what keeps coming to me is ,i think i am not sure wo!
Junaidu has a habit of when ever we fight, he calls my friends to complain to them about me, they call me talk to me and we get back together. so i am thinking that's how they started talking. i might be wrong. (ALLAHU YA ALLAM)

NH: When did you last see Farida?

AISHA OC: I saw her when we were going on holiday December, and we had a brief convo. she asked me when our marriage was holding since we shifted it and i told her its some time in February, she now told me her sister is getting married around that time she hopes it doesn't clash. We said our good byes and left. that was the last time i saw her.
i called her a few weeks after then to go to a birthday dinner which we later canceled.

NH: Take us through what happened afterwards. How you came to know

AISHA: Early march, i got a whats app message from a friend of mine
the massage stated that farida was getting married and her aso-ebi is N6000. I was so upset and disappointed how is it that farida would be getting married and not tell me, i was so bitter i didn't even bother calling her, but i replied the massage "ALLAH YA SANYA ALHERI"
Almost immediately farida sent a broadcast massage to every one
stating she is getting married end of march, i didn't care to ask who coz i felt we were friends i just sent ALLAH ya kaimu
After a few days a friend of mine called me, she asked did you hear farida is getting married, i said yes we are painting KD black and blue soon!
any way you better sit down for what i am about to tell you. people have been hiding it, but i cant hide this from you. kawai my heart started beating faster! what is it!
"do you know who farida is marrying "
no i told you i dont know any thing!
toh she is marrying your Junaidu!
I became numb! every where turned black, my tongue dried.
Fareeda and Junaidu no! you must be joking!!!
That day i couldn't sleep i couldn't eat i couldn't function.

NH: When you called him what was his excuse, did you call farida?

AISHA OC: I have not called him, i would leave him with his deed
I didn't call farida either i have left them with the Karma that would catch up with them.

NH: Sorry but personally if this happened to me i would want to see him or at least talk to him and her her as well

AISHA OC: People have been pressurizing me to call or confront them, but for what?

NH: But you kind of confronted them on Instagram with the infamous post that went viral

AISHA OC: Yes kind of. i was upset, dry and i wanted to tell the world my pain. how my 2 close people betrayed me. I just posted to get some sort of relief. I had no idea it would get the attention it got. that said day, walahi i got over 500 calls. I was overwhelmed. my friends where calling me from all over, i felt loved, i was happy.

NH: What does the future hold for you Aisha

AISHA OC: I am a strong person, i didnt know i would be able to handle it but i have and life goes on! I pray to get a fantastic GOD fearing man that would loves me with all his heart lol! I am a hopeless romantic!!! you can understand how crushed i am!

NH: Do you have any message for junaidu and fareeda i know they might come across this.

AISHA OC: duniya ce, ta ishi kowa riga da wando (Karma)

NH: Thank you so much for granting us this interview

AISHA OC: I should be thanking you for making me beautiful lol Thank you so much i feel like a celebrity.

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