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Wednesday 22 March 2017

Atlanta based drag queen says he is inspired by goddess, Oshun

An Atlanta based drag queen, Cordero Minnis has revealed that he is inspired to be a drag queen by the Yoruba deity, Oshun. According, him, he is not a victim neither is he crazy but merely embraced the 'her' in him. He wrote;

Ifa tradition tells us that when #Oshun left, all sweet water dried up on earth, and pestilence ensued. It was not until the divine feminine had returned that peace was restored. Today, we demonize the "Feminization of the Black Man". But, a black man embracing and embodying the divine feminine is among the most beautiful things the earth can experience. Duality is a gift, my dear!
No one/thing has feminized me. I am not a victim. I am not confused, sick or crazy. I have embraced Her - the "Her" that exists in us all and gives us all our existence. My fixation with drag is my devotion to Her - The Divine Feminine! - SYRAJA
#TransformationTuesday #BlackConsciousness #Ifa #Yoruba #MyOri #Oya #Oshun #Yemeya #ObaContinue to see more photos..

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