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Friday 6 September 2019

When a good girl gone, she gone forever - Nicki Minaj shares her verse on 'Sweetest Girl', hugs and blows a kiss to her young self

Social media was set on fire yesterday with Nicki Minaj's announcement of retiring from music to have a family.

The 36-year-old rapper's announcement came as a surprise, just after her guest appearance on Megan Thee Stallion’s “Hot Girl Summer.” She added a note to her followers, asking them to "keep reppin me, do it til da death of me, [x] in the box- cuz ain't nobody checkin me" -- a reference to her collaboration with Alicia Keys on a remix of the singer's hit "Girl on Fire."

Nicki who recently told listeners of her "Queen Radio" show that she and boyfriend Kenneth Perry had applied for a marriage license and will be holding their wedding in the next 80 days, went on to share a short video of her verse on "Sweetest Girl" collaboration with Wyclef Jean, hinting she might be gone forever.

The Instagram post came with the caption "I wish I could go back in time & hug this lil girl. Used to be the #SweetestGirl". Her verse on the song reads in part;

But when a good girl gone, she gone forever
See, you can't make it rain without the stormy weather
And it's funny when it rains, when it rains it pours
Would've never happened if I would've stayed indoors
Would've never happened if I never traded in my textbooks
Cause now I'm hot but the critics say I'm just looks
They say I'm too sexy, they say I'm selling out
Cause when I come out niggas get their umbrellas out
I take the L 'cause I don't want to see my brother lose
Been through it all but I can never fill my mother's shoes
And now, I don't want a handout, I just want my ad-libs to get panned out
And I just wanna tell the girls that could feel me
That I just play the cards that a nigga deal me
See, everything I been through coulda killed me
That's why there really ain't nothing you could tell me
You see, I live for the bill, I die for the bill

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