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Saturday 14 September 2019

Nigerian lady gets her brother who she claims has always assaulted her since she was little arrested

A Nigerian lady who seems fed up with the abuses she has allegedly been subjected to since she was little by her brother, got him arrested over the act which she said her parents saw nothing wrong in.

The lady identified as Daisy Okudu further claimed that she has been threatened by her relatives since she wrote about being assaulted by her brother on Facebook.

She wrote "my elder brother has been assaulting me since i was little and my parents seem to see nothing wrong. Today i am fed up, i had to lock my house n put a call to the police to pick up my brother. i cannot descrube the torture i just received. i got an abusive call from my maternal aunty which I hung up. she still called again through my mothers line insulting me n dared to talk ill about my paternal family. my mother has failed me because she has seen this happen many times but failed to speak up.

"Even with my health issues he insults me n waits for my response then pounce on me, i know i am strong but mentally, i do not know. i am confused, cannot stop crying but i want my elder brother dealt with."

She revealed that her mother has also been threatening her because of her posts on Facebook. According to Daisy, her mother stated that if she doesn't pull down the Facebook post, she would say something that will make people hate Daisy forever.

"my mother has been threatening me, she said i should pull down the post or she would say something that people will hate me forever..." she added.

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