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Tuesday 15 January 2019

Nigerian man professes love for his babymama hours after he publicly stated he was dumping her for stabbing him in Tanzania (video)

A Nigerian man took to Facebook to state that he was dumping his babymama after she stabbed him in Tanzania one month after they welcomed their child. But he has now changed his mind and returned to Facebook to profess love for her.

Davish Hotish earlier shared photos of his bleeding hand and stated that he was stabbed by Igwe Chioma, his babymama. He also said he was leaving her.

He wrote:

Today I call it quit with Osellar Igwe, all I have done is was to make her happy. I brought her from Nigeria to Tanzania just to make her happy, so I can take good care of her while she was pregnant, all through the pregnancy it was hell for me but I kept doing all I could cause people do say that pregnant women are always paranoid, So I kept doing my best to make her happy.

Later, he returned to Facebook to reveal that he has forgiven her.

Sharing a photo of her playing with their newborn daughter, he wrote:

To Err is Human, I love my wife regardless, I wanna spend the rest of my life with only her and my daughter no one else, YES we break up to make up, I’m just so stupid I had to bring our affairs on here, I thought social media make people not break them, I LOVE MY WIFE SO MUCH, I thought people would understand and she would learn to be a more better person, we all make mistakes, I do a lot which is to bring my family issue on here and that would never happen again, SHE’S THE LOVE OF MY LIFE AND I WILL NEVER HURT OR MAKE HER SAD, FOR YOUR INFORMATION INSTABLOG FUCK YOU CAUSE SHE DIDN’T STAB ME, WE WERE BOTH STRUGGLING WHEN I HIT MY HAND ON THE GLASS THAT MADE IT PIERCED THROUGH MY TORSO ! But hell I would never tolerate anyone not even any stupid blog calling my wife names like BABYMAMA CAUSE SHES NOT, SHE’S MY WIFE ! We have a beautiful daughter together and last I remember I wanna spend the rest of my life with her, TO YOU CHIOMA, I’M sorry forgive me, you’re not perfect, I LOVE YOU AND I WANT THE BEST FOR US, I’M SORRY I’M SORRY I’M SORRY ! Iyawo mi Eleyinju ege mi, Ife mi, Aya mi, Onitemi IYA TEMITOPE! You might be stubborn but you are the most loving, beautiful, courageous, Elegant wife anyone could ever ask for, YOU MADE ME WHO I AM TODAY AND NOTHING NOT EVEN THESE USELESS BLOGS WILL STOP ME FROM LOVING YOU ! FORGIVE ME ONE MORE TIME ! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ??? Thanks for giving me such a wonderful, smart, beautiful daughter ?????? YOU ARE MY ONE IN A MILLION !

He went on to share a couple other live videos. One showed him displaying his injured arm, which had been stitched, while Chioma sat beside him with a swollen face, looking like she had been crying.

Davis said:

All forgiven, mmm?

Chioma, all forgiven?

Chioma seemed reluctant to reply at first and Davis prompted her saying in a raised voice, "soro now", meaning "talk now." Chioma eventually nodded her agreement reluctantly.

However, something about the video doesn't seem right. The relationship appears toxic and Chioma seemed afraid while Davis looked like he was intimidating her.

A second video shows them playing around and dancing with their newborn daughter.

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