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Thursday 10 January 2019

Judge dismisses Ashley Judd's sexual harassment claim against Harvey Weinstein

Disgraced film producer, Harvey Weinstein just won a major victory as a court dismissed Ashley Judd's sexual harassment claims against him.

Ashley claimed Weinstein shut her out of "Lord of the Rings" after she turned down his sexual demands. She also claimed he blacklisted her from movie roles. She went on to sue him for sexual harassment in professional relationship.

But a federal judge has ruled Judd and Weinstein did not have a relationship that fell within the law. The judge specifically said a producer/actress relationship was not covered under the law.

The law was changed in 2018 to cover such relationships, but the judge said it could not be applied retroactively since Judd and Weinstein's case happened before the law came into place.

Judd can still litigate her defamation claim.

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