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Tuesday 30 October 2018

Ghanaian entrepreneur Rashida Nasamu on cover of Pleasures Magazine, November 2018

The November edition of the Pan-African Entrepreneurial magazine features Ghanaian entrepreneur Rashida Nasamu, who not only runs a successful company in Ghana but she is, an iconic inspiration to young Africans, especially female Muslims. Click for more information.

"This is one of most inspiring entrepreneurial features of the year for Pleasures Magazine. If even one young African reads it and is inspired enough to start a business, the goal of the magazine will have been accomplished. Notwithstanding the challenges and pessimistic perceptions of many young Africans today, entrepreneurs like Rashida are proof that there is hope for Africa," observes Otunba Adedotun Babatunde, Publisher of Pleasures Magazine.

The Founder and CEO of Izar Group, Rashida needs no introduction but just in case you hadn't known or ever heard of her, all you need is to grab a copy of the Pleasures magazine to satisfy your curiosity, for, the award-winning and shinny role model of an entrepreneur is the one who graces the cover of the November 2018 edition .

Rashida started her company with nothing beyond a phone and computer but turned it into a multi-million dollar business empire with interests in media, communication / advertising, real estate, technology, manufacturing and agriculture.

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Today, the company is not only standing out but expanding. Rashida stressed that one of the most important factors of her company's success was applying strategic and meaningful ideas to stay in business.

In her interview with Pleasures Magazine, she talks about her upbringing, entrepreneurial journey and being a Muslim woman in business.

On the impact of her background that has been most helpful, she ascribed it to "Values my father instilled in us. Indeed it creates the need for substance. I don't believe in short cuts in context though! I believe in a life full of daily challenges until we are put in our graves. A life that makes young people think outside the box, strategize and work smartly hard towards achieving their goals".

On being a woman, she said "Everyone will attest to the fact that women are more meticulous, passionate and make good leaders. I believe this emanates from the usual approach of motherhood duties at home. I may not be able to do a long comparison because they are two different worlds. However I will mention the likes of German chancellor, Angela Merkel who some people have said is using ‘breast milk' to lead not just Germany but the whole E.U. which has earned her the nick name "MUTTI (mom). This, I believe is due to her calm but stern motherly approach to tough issues. She is like a mother to many presidents. British Prime Minister, Theresa May is another example of strength in womanhood especially at these times of lack of sleep (possibly) due to the Brexit crises which I contributed to anyway, when I had an invitation from the UK Independence Party to speak prior to the British referendum. "

This edition features also, amazing stories about Mrs Folorunso Alakija, the Nigerian billionaire businesswoman who is one of the richest black women in the world.

The sucessful entrepreneurship story of the king of the Igbos in Ghana, Eze-Igbo of Ghana, HRM (Dr) Chukwudi Eze-ohazurume 1, Nnamdi and Maureen,a fashion power couple, Louer Group founders, Muna Obioha, Aminu Nyako and Simisola Williams as well as South African entrepreneur Rohan Vos are also presented vividly. Their stories alone cut across 6 different industries; namely oil and gas, manufacturing, fashion, technology, agriculture, and transportation.

Aptly described as an outstanding publication, the current issue reveals also the key questions to consider while testing the success rate of one's business plan. It features as well profiles of 8 Nigerian female bank directors who are leading the way on boards full of men, and how they made it to the top.

Every page is simply replete with vital messages for both the upcoming and accomplished entrepreneur

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