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Saturday 16 June 2018

Taxi ploughs into crowd of "World Cup fans" in Moscow leaving eight injured

A taxi ploughed into a crowd made up of World Cup fans in Central Moscow, leaving eight of them injured.

According to Russian media, the crowd was made up of Mexican fans waiting to watch their team play Germany tomorrow. They were standing on a pavement near Red Square, when the taxi crashed into their midst. The incident happened on Ilinka Street, about 650ft from the Red Square and Moscow’s famous GUM shopping arcade.

Shocking footage shows the taxi swerving from the road, ploughing into pedestrians on a pavement, sending them flying over the bonnet. In a separate video, the alleged driver is seen running down the street with a number of fans in hot pursuit. He was soon taken down and later arrested by Moscow police.

The driver from ex-Soviet republic Kyrgyzstan is under interrogation amid fears the incident could be terror related. However, Moscow Police said he likely lost control of the vehicle.

There were no immediate details on how badly the victims were injured.

Watch both videos below.

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