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Thursday 28 June 2018

Adorable new photos of Jordin Sparks, her husband and their newborn son as they discuss welcoming their first child together

New mom, Jordin Sparks and her husband Dana Isaiah sat down with PEOPLE to discuss welcoming their first child Dana Isaiah Jr. on May 2.

“I’m a mom. That’s so nuts,” the American Idol winner, 28, revealed exclusively in its latest issue about welcoming her son “I have moments where it just hits me.”

On why she to chose natural birth, the singer said: “Hospitals just felt a little weird and strange [to me],” says Sparks. “I had a feeling I wasn’t going to be comfortable on my back and I didn’t want to have to give birth that way.”

She “handled the birth like a champ,” her husband Dana Isaiah, 26, added about his wife.

During the emotional delivery, “he was right by me the whole time,” says Sparks. “When I was going to different places and different universes with the contractions, he was right there in my ear or rubbing my back.”

She all revealed that when it was time for the baby to arrive, her husband was the one who caught his son.

“I finished out the contractions on the bed and then we went to the tub. When it was time to push, Dana received him,” says Sparks.

Adds Isaiah, a model: “People have told me ‘Once you see your wife like that you can never change the image in your head,’ but I was so excited about him actually coming that I was just like ‘All right, come on! Come on!'”

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