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Friday 30 December 2016

This beautiful woman shot her boyfriend dead when he tried to break up with her

A beautiful young woman named Martina Westcott, has been arrested after being accused of gunning down a popular and successful South Jersey real estate entrepreneur named Terrell L. Bruce.

According to police, Martina allegedly gunned down Terrell on Dec. 27th as the two drove through a Northwest Philadelphia neighborhood after he broke up with her in the car. Police believe she pulled a gun and shot him in the head when Terrell told her it was over.

Here’s what Terell’s family and friends say about him:

Terrell was the tragic victim of senseless gun violence on Tuesday, December 27, 2016. A selfless, hard worker, widely known for putting the interests of others ahead of his own, Terrell was a well-regarded pillar in the community despite his young age of thirty-three (33). During his time as a real estate agent, founder and president of the Nathaniel M. Kirkland Foundation and property owner/manager of his own real estate investment properties, Terrell preached the importance of financial literacy and personal development while serving as the inspiration for countless others.Here are pics of Martina

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