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Saturday 31 December 2016

Former Borno state governor and factional leader of PDP, Ali Modu Sheriff, has said that the recent capture of Boko Haram's strongest enclave in Sambisa forest known as Ground Zero, by the Military, has vindicated him. Sheriff has in the past been accused of creating the sect group which has now become an international terrorist group. Speaking at a function in Benue state yesterday, Sheriff said..

"The military have cleared Sambisa forest and I want to thank them. I'm the number one causality of Boko haram. I have lost very close relatives which included my cousins, my candidate and others were all killed by Boko haram. Those of us who are from Borno State knows what we have suffered in the hands of the sect. The irony of it all is that those who feared my political career turned around to say that I created Boko haram but God has vindicated me'" he said

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