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Wednesday 28 December 2016

"God spared my life for a purpose" - Survivor of Reigners Bible Church collapse

Ndifreke Akpan, one of the lucky survivors of December 10th Reigners Bible Church collapse in Akwa Ibom walked away from the tragic scene without a scratch. She took to her Facebook page and wrote:

"Hi Everyone. Compliments of the season!!! It's exactly one week and two days since God saved my life in Reigners Bible Church building collapse while on official duty. To most of you, my silence since then has brought so much fear to your hearts. All I needed was to get over the shock and trauma that trailed the disaster. It was a disaster that God graciously caused my escape. Firstly, I want to use this platform to appreciate the Almighty God for making me a living testimony. I came out alive, very safe and sound. No injury, no scratch or whatsoever. It wasn't my making but the Lord's...............
I am not in any way better than those that lost their lives and even those that got injured. It is by God's grace and mercies I am alive today to say THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Obviously he spared my life for a purpose and that purpose must be accomplished. For me, it's a second chance and I have vowed to God never to take it for granted but be more committed to him. To my family, friends, loved ones, well wishers and even you, I am deeply touched at your show of love and outpour of concern in diverse ways. It was simply amazing............
I lack words but may God bless and keep you all. The same God that rescued me from death on that fateful day will continue to preserve your lives IJN, Amen. Kindly join me to earnestly pray that the souls of the departed find solace with the Lord while the injured get healed speedily. Also join me to pray that God should comfort those left behind by the deceased and not to allow such devastating disaster befall us again, Amen! That's me ooooh lol. Hale and hearty to the Glory of God.... See you all in 2017.......
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! & God bless. Shalom!"

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