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Saturday 22 June 2019

Update: Bayero University Law undergraduate says she stabbed her hubby in self defense

Hanan, the Law undergraduate of the Bayero University Kano, who has been accused of stabbing her husband, Saeed Hussein, at their home in Kano state on Friday June 21st, has said he died while she was trying to defend herself.

According to her neighbors, Hanan who was found with a swollen face and bruises all over her body, had been tolerating her husband who allegedly tortured her at the slightest opportunity.

Another neighbor stated that Hanan said her husband tried beating her up on the day of the incident despite knowing that she was pregnant. She said it was while she was protecting herself as her husband tried attacking her with a knife, that it mistakenly piereced into his body.

Hussain was rushed to the hospital after the incident but he didn't survive.

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