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Thursday 6 December 2018

Lady shares sad story of how she found a corpse on Lagos road with no government agency attempting to remove it

IG user, @miss_titilayomi, has shared the sad story of how she found the corpse of a man on the road with no government agency attempting to remove it. Posting on her IG, she wrote

Saw this man lying on the side of the road while on my way home from work. Must be exhausted I thought, definitely doesn’t have a home for an afternoon nap...What a pity! Until I looked closer...He’s dead! Why is he not breathing?! I call the attention of a LASTMA Officer who was mindlessly controlling traffic. Please check that man, I urged. ‘Madam he don die o, na so I dey here since morning, him never move’. Mouth agape, so many questions, none voiced. ‘Ah madam e dey happen like that, na so they just fall dan die like that’. By they, I’m sure he referred to the homeless, the mentally challenged, the less privileged.

What struck me about this scene was the presence of a presidential campaign poster for the current government just inches away from the deceased. ‘Progress’ it read.

I looked at the lifeless body once more, flies parading his body, ants all over his face...even in death he’s still ignored. #temporarypost #prayforNigeria ????

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