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Thursday 6 April 2017

Go to Hell': Melania Trump's outfit designer, Stefano Gabbana, responds to critics

Legendary fashion designer Stefano Gabbana got into it with his fans on Tuesday when some of them took offence with the Dolce & Gabbana designer sharing a picture of First Lady Melania Trump on his own Instagram page. The US first lady, Melania Trump was wearing the designer's $2,895 Turlington jacket in her first official portrait. When Stefano Gabbana of the Dolce & Gabbana brand took notice he quickly shared the photo on his page to celebrate the significant achievement.

For any fashion designer, having your work modeled by the first lady in an official portrait could be seen as a crowning achievement. However, some of Gabbana's fans and anti Trump fans took issue with his decision to celebrate the first lady.

After one Instagram user labelled the posting as “disgusting,” Gabbana fired back by commenting. “Vai a cagare,” which according to Google translate means ”Go to hell" in Italian.

According to People Magazine, that wasn't the only testy exchange Gabbana found himself in on Tuesday. In response to one user calling for a boycott of his high-end Italian fashion label, Gabbana responded, “Vai a cagare!! Ti boicotto io la testa cretina.” According to Google Translate again, that insult translates to:

“Go to hell! I'll boycott your stupid head.”

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