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Sunday 30 April 2017

Photos: Beautiful pregnant Nigerian woman dies in her sleep weeks after first wedding anniversary

Friends and family members have told of their shock following the painful death of Keke Esu, whom they described as "energetic, full of life, funny , generous and kind-hearted"

Beautiful Keke passed away just weeks after she and husband Ubby Edu celebrated their first wedding anniversary on April 2. She was heavily pregnant.

Details are still sketchy however, according to a close Kosolu Ndulue, Keke woke up in the middle of the night, used the toilet, went back to sleep and never woke up.

Her Facebook was filled with tributes from friends, former classmates, who are still reeling from shock at the news of her death. One wrote:

"If I say I slept well last night, am too far from the truth... Could it be that I am scared to sleep, cos beautiful Keke Esu slept and didn't wakeup? Was I scared to die? A lot of thought came to my mind and alot of living memories about keke. When I was called to confirm if she was truly dead. I prayed that it's just a may rumor, buh I checked through, researched through and it seems it was true. Finally I got a reply from her very good friend. I cried and asked why...
Why must it be keke? She has everything to live for! A beautiful family, a good parents, a handsome husband, wonderful siblings and lots more.
To me, I don't see any reason and it's still some kind of joke to me that someone slept and didn't wakeup, I can't imagine the medical and spiritual causes, cos I still wanted keke to live more at least, for being a good and wonderful person.
Even though I haven't seen her after secondary school, I think she kept in touch. Thank God for social media. She used to be the youngest in my class then. Very funny person, always happy... And this made me to start thinking why good people doesn't last on earth. And in every thought, I just concluded that keke Esu is in heaven! Yes, she is in heaven... She slept to the glory of God"

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