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Thursday 20 April 2017

74-year-old man shot by livestream killer had a baby mama 40 years his junior (see family photos)2017 nigeria n

Remember the man killed on Easter Monday by a heartbroken man who livestreamed the act on Facebook? Details of his personal life are now being unveiled, one of them being that he was dating a 16-year-old girl when he was 56-years-old.

The girl who is 40 years his junior went on to become his baby mama and they had two kids and were still together until his death. Robert Godwin. The age of consent in Ohio is 16 years so it turns out Robert wasn't doing anything illegal by having sexual relations with the minor. Still, she was a child to him by all standards.

Meanwhile, Angela Smith, 34, is mourning the death of her partner and father of her 11 and 8-year-old sons. She said he was the love of her life who she met as a teenager and that her sons are devastated by their father's death. According to her, he had left the house to collect cans, an act which he considered a hobby since he retired in 2011. He had promised her he would return, unaware of what lay in wait just outside his home.

"He said 'I love you girl’ as he left. He always said that. He was looking forward to the lunch I was cooking . . ." Angela said, wiping tears.
"My Baby-daddy had money in the bank. He was driving a 2016 [car]. It wasn’t about selling the cans, it was his hobby. Whenever we went to the grocery store, he’d be checking for cans. This was nothing out of the ordinary for him. He didn’t need no money. He had nothing to do at the weekend and sometimes he would take his kids."

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