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Sunday 9 April 2017

Chrissy Teigen donates $5605 to help a fan pay for beauty school

Chrissy Teigen showed her famously altruistic side as she donated $5,605 to a crowdsourcing campaign by Mercedes Edney to help a fan pay for beauty school. The donation helped Mercedes reach her goal of $5999.
Mercedes, who posts on Instagram under the name of cruzanchoklate, shared her delight in a post next to a receipt for the first installment of her beauty schools fees.

'Something absolutely amazing happened last night,' she wrote.
'Many of you know how much I love skin care and my plans to attend esthetician school next month. Last night I posted my tuition fundraiser on twitter and something I never in my wildest dreams happened.
'My paypal alert went off, and as I looked at my phone, there was amount of $5605. I thought it was a glitch. I then look at my email and realized it came from my fundraiser.'
And she explained: 'Chrissy Teigen donated my entire tuition money for school. I have been crying all night and I cried in the office this morning as I paid my down payment for esthetician school.
'I haven't been this happy in a very long time. Thank you Chrissy and thank you to everyone else who voted or rtd my link or have supported me this entire time. It means more to me than you'll ever know.'She later added on Twitter:

'I've been struggling for so long. I put my everything into my business. I have sacrificed so much just trying to focus on my goal. If I ever meet Chrissy Tiegen in person, I'm giving her the biggest hug on earth.'

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