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Sunday 10 May 2020

Oyo Head of Service’s son caught in ‘ghost job’ scandal

Ayobami Agboola, son of Oyo state Government Head of Service, Amidat Agboola ignited an uproar after his conversation with a social media user about a ‘ghost job’ came to light.

A ‘ghost job’ is a common practice in state and federal civil service whereby names of non-workers widely known as ghost workers, are added into the workforce and used to receive illegal pay.

Ayobami's role in the 'ghost job’ scandal was made public after he and a former acquintance, Sulaimon Adesola got into an argument over the response of Governor Seyi Makinde's administration to the Coronavirus pandemic in Oyo state.

While Ayobami insisted that Adesola's criticism against Makinde's administration was because he could not secure a “ghost job” under the government, Adesola fired back by stating it was the head of service's son who promised to use his mother’s influence to secure him a slot.

The screenshots Adesola shared to back his claim compelled Ayobami into admitting that they had the conversation. The Head of Service's son however denied being involved in a racketeering scheme and only egged him on because he was doing a pro bono work for him.

See the chats Adesola shared and Ayobami's counter statement below;

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