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Friday 27 March 2020

Lassa fever death toll in Nigeria rises to 176 amid battle with coronavirus

The National Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) has disclosed that the Lassa fever death toll in the country has risen to 176, amid intensified effort to curb the spread of coronavirus.

As of last week, the total number of deaths was 161, meaning 15 people recently died of the disease.

28 new cases of the disease which is transmitted to humans via contact with food or household items contaminated with rodent urine or faeces have been confirmed. The states with highest new confirmed cases are Edo (eight) and Ondo (five).

Others states where new cases of Lassa fever have been confirmed include Ebonyi, Bauchi, Taraba, Plateau, Kogi, Abia, Enugu, FCT, Benue and Gombe.

There is now a total of 932 confirmed cases of coronavirus in at least 27 states across the nation.

Symptoms of Lassa fever include high fever, soar throat, nausea, fever and general weakness. The antiviral drug ribavirin seems to be an effective treatment for Lassa fever if given early in the course of clinical illness. Prevention of Lassa fever relies on promoting good “community hygiene” to discourage rodents from entering homes.

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