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Thursday 16 January 2020

Piers Morgan accused of being obsessed with Meghan Markle as he shares screenshot of the first DM she sent to him

Piers Morgan has been accused of being obsessed with Meghan Markle after he went on Twitter to share the first DM she sent to him.

The DM was sent in 2015 after Piers Morgan followed Meghan on social media.

Meghan responded by sliding into his DM to write: "Well hello there - thanks for the follow. Big fan of yours!"

Piers shared the screenshot after calling Meghan and Prince Harry out multiple times for their shock announcement that they were stepping back from their roles as "senior" royals.

He captioned the screenshot: "In happier times... when Meghan first slid into my DMs... think it’s fair to say she’s probably not such a ‘big fan’ of mine now."

Twitter users responded by telling Piers that he's obsessed with the Duchess of Sussex and that he's still upset that Meghan cut him off after they met for the first time.

See below.

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