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Sunday 17 March 2019

Video: Teenager gets punched in the face for breaking an egg on lawmaker's head over his anti-Muslim comments on the New Zealand attacks

A far-right Australian lawmaker who blamed the terrorist attack at two mosques on immigration policies that "allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place," literally had egg on his face Saturday.

Senator Fraser Anning,who is no stranger to controversy, was left with raw egg dripping down his back and the front of his shirt after a teenager raised his phone with one hand and, with the other, smashed an egg on the side of the politician's head at a Melbourne news conference.

Anning, in footage that went viral, was seen punching the boy in the face and then taking another swing before the two were separated and the teenager was tackled to the ground.

The encounter occurred a day after the massacre at two New Zealand mosques left at least 49 people dead and dozens injured.

The same day, the lawmaker said, "this kind of violent vigilantism highlights the growing fear within our community, both in Australia and New Zealand, of the increasing Muslim presence."

Anning said he opposed violence and condemned the gunman's actions but added, "The real cause of bloodshed on New Zealand streets today is the immigration program, which allowed Muslim fanatics to migrate to New Zealand in the first place."

by Linda Ikeji at 16/03/2019 11:29 PM

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Emmanuel Ihedioha Kachi about 8 hours ago

Too bad. #kachiLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Juliet Iwuno about 2 hours ago

Too bad! Mum Jay take note!Like this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Vivian Reginalds about 41 minutes ago

two wrongs don't make a right!Like this! 0Dislike this! 1Reply

emmanuel ohio about 7 hours ago

If na naija, police go Don test one bullet for the guy kidney.... Of them go Don carry am go put for kirikiri without trial...Like this! 1Dislike this! 0Reply

Linda’s Baby Dad about 7 hours ago

Linda’s faultLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

TYNII about 7 hours ago

Who needs eggplant in her life right now?Like this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 7 hours ago

Very nice! How dare that teenager. He didn’t have the prerogative of violence! Nonsense!!!Like this! 1Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 6 hours ago

I agree with d lawmakerLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 6 hours ago

The lawmaker is right. Those Muslims are out to destroy the world. They are evil.Like this! 1Dislike this! 0Reply

Tjwin about 26 minutes ago

Supporting eveil and killing show how demented u re.i blv ur mumu jxt dy start.#ewuuLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

David Chuks about 6 hours ago

Lol, dem break egg for him head if him head go cool small, but, does it mean d tenager had a fresh egg with him, lolLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 6 hours ago

Islam is evil, it is the HIV the world has contracted.Like this! 2Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 6 hours ago

Islam is out to destroy the world. They know that once they capture the Western world, the rest would be history. That is why they are moving their in their numbers.Like this! 1Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 6 hours ago

Fighting back like that nationalist did in New Zealand is the only way to stop the terrorist Muslims from destroying the rest of us. We must fight them if we must live.Like this! 1Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 2 hours ago

The boy most be stupid for such a bad conduct, thank God he received a dirty slap in response.Like this! 1Dislike this! 0Reply

Ono jojo about 2 hours ago

Stupid kidLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 2 hours ago

Nice one man, in his mind the guy can’t do nothing if I break this egg on his head. Good to beat him first and face the consequences but he will feel the pain from the beating.Like this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 2 hours ago

Only if naija youth can stand out like this, no politicians will be messing aroundLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Moses dada about 2 hours ago

Dat badLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

J about 2 hours ago

The law maker deserves bullet on his face instead. What a stupid commentLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Zubby about 1 hour ago

This has really gone out of hand. These Islamic sects are troubling the whole world.Like this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Harry about 1 hour ago

I love that boy! Full moral Abeg linda invite him to Nigeria to do this on buhari's head abeg!! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™Like this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 1 hour ago

Muslim with their problem u dont like christians but u will leave your country and be running to infidel country to destroy their peace de way you did urs with your terrorism and wickedness.pls leave christian nation alone and migrate to sharia nations.Like this! 1Dislike this! 0Reply

Frequency Unlimited about 1 hour ago

The senator was wrong to insinuate that!Like this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Dee boi about 54 minutes ago

Hmmmmm!... deeLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 42 minutes ago

#eggboy is the real heroLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Anonymous about 42 minutes ago

He stood up for what he believed in #eggboyLike this! 0Dislike this! 0Reply

Orilowo about 37 minutes ago

Nah bag of cement the teenager suppose knack on top him head. Foolish lawmakerLike this! 0Dislike this! 1Reply

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