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Sunday 15 April 2018

Photos: Nigerian Millionaire Storms Market Disguised As A Poor Man Begs For Money Then Dashes 2 Women Who Gave Him Money N400K

An Imo state born millionaire and philanthropist, Engr. Ndubuisi Emenike, on Wednesday the 11th April 2018 decided to take the market people at the popular World Bank Market in Owerri the capital city of Imo State, by surprise.

He stormed the market as a poor man that needed assistance and surprisingly, he got little attention.

According to one Darlington Flowrymz Ibekwe, that narrated the story on social media, the multi-millionaire who disguised himself as a beggar – went round the market begging for a sum of Two Thousand Naira (N2,000) and so many people turned him down.

People laughed at him, some asked him to get out of their shops angrily, but in all these, he remained calm and kept asking.

It was then reported that a lady offered him one thousand naira and another offered him a thousand naira again making it the sum of two thousand naira.
He collected the sum and after a moment, called out the two ladies. To the surprise of the entire market people, his entourage of over seven (7) exotic cars drove in and he pulled out fresh cash bundles and rewarded them both with Two Hundred Thousand Naira (N200,000) each making it Four Hundred Thousand Naira (N400,000) and also returned the cash they gave him to them.

The World Bank market Owerri in Imo state was agog with surprise as the philanthropist urged them to always lend a helping hand to those in need as they never know where their blessings might come from.
The rich man however gave the reason for the generous act and in his words;

“Today is my daughter’s birthday Kourtney Emenike and I couldn’t think of a better way of celebrating it if not touching lives”.

The beneficiaries could not believe their eyes until the millionaire philantropist left the scene and then they realised the money is all theirs to keep.

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