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Friday 3 February 2017

Chelsea and Tottenham are the best- Man City's Pep Guardiola declares

Former Barca and Bayern Munich coach Pep Guardiola has admitted that rival clubs Chelsea and Tottenham are the best clubs in the league, despite the transfer war chest he was given last summer to complete deals for Saido Mane, Nolito, Gundogan, John Stones and Gabriel Jesus.
Guardiola, upon assumption of coaching duties at Man City following glorious reigns at Barcelona and Bayern Munich, enjoyed a ten game winning streak, but loses in recent matches have damaged his club's EPL title ambitions and the Spaniard has now admitted his team isnt the best anymore and he is to be blamed.

“Tottenham and Chelsea are the best, how they make the movements — especially Spurs with Dembele and Eriksen and how they move in respect to the others," he said to reporters.
"Both teams know exactly what they have to do and still we are not in that process. Our inconsistency is for that reason.
“I think we learned a lot. We improved a lot in the beginning, and then we stopped. "Maybe it looks like I’m being humble, or shy or something like that, but it was a little bit my mistake.
“I’m pretty sure we started really good in many, many things and now we stopped. You have to re-start that. Because our build-up is so fundamental in my vision of football.
“Sometimes we have to do more of the same thing, and when you do that a lot you have to change the variations. I believed we had it, but the players did not believe we had it.
“So I have to adapt to them. Sometimes, with all the games, you don’t have time but that’s why it’s nice.“If I had the feeling everybody is done, it would be boring. So when I see the games and see the review of the games I say, 'Wow, we still have a lot to do!’, and that’s why it’s nice.
“I still have the ambition — unfinished business. Still I have many many things to do and when we get it right it will be better definitely. Maybe we won’t fly but I am pretty sure we will be a better team.”

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