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Friday 24 February 2017

Meet 26 year old Justine Clark in a wheelchair who contested for Miss Australia pageant

This year's Miss Australia pageant has a contestant in a wheelchair. Her name is Justine Clark, a 26 year old model who became the first contestant to compete in the Miss World Australia pageant in a wheelchair.

Although she didn't win, she could still progress to the nationwide final through the Beauty with a Purpose campaign, which raises money for local charities. If Clark raises the most money, she can wheel across the national stage.

In an interview with The Advertiser, a local Australian newspaper, Clark said, 'for somebody in a wheelchair to be able to compete is a big thing. I really hope it sends a message that no matter what your race, size or disability whatever makes you different you are beautiful."

Clarke has been in a wheelchair for two years but didn't reveal what happened to render her disabled. "I don't really want to go in to what happened, but I want to be a role model and empower young women," she said

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