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Tuesday 19 November 2019

Ellen DeGeneres agrees to walk lesbian couple down the aisle after one partner revealed her parents won't attend her wedding because she's gay

A lesbian couple just had their dreams come true as Ellen DeGeneres has agreed to walk them down the aisle when they get married in a few hours.

Kate Austin took to Twitter to reveal she will be happy if Chrissy Teigen and Ellen DeGeneres walk her down the aisle as she marries her partner.

She disclosed that her parents have refused to attend and her dad also refused to walk her down the aisle because they don't approve of her lesbian relationship.

Sharing a photo from her and her fiancee's proposal, Kate wrote: "hi @chrissyteigen & @TheEllenShow!! my parents aren’t going to attend my wedding because they don’t like that i’m gay! i need someone to walk me down the aisle and someone else for a “father/daughter” dance. plz come, my fiancĂ©e and i would cry. #shootingmyshot."

Well, her shot hit the target because Ellen replied, writing: "See you tomorrow."

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