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Wednesday 1 May 2019

'We kidnap travelers because government stopped paying us Amnesty allowances'' ,- Rivers state kidnappers tell victims

Members of the notorious kidnapping syndicate that specialise in abducting travelers along major expressways in Rivers state, have given reasons they carry out such criminal acivities.

Recall that in recent times, reports of travelers being abducted along major roads in Rivers state have made major news headlines.

One of the victims of such abductions, Mr Happy, who was kidnapped alongside nine other passengers in a commercial bus on Thursday, April 25th while traveling from Warri to Rivers state, has told newsmen what the kidnappers told them whilst in their hideout.

According to Mr Happy, the kidnappers informed them that they resorted to kidnapping because the Federal government and state governments have stopped their amnesty programme. The programme which was introduced by late President Umar Musa Yar'Adua, ensured that militants who surrendered their arms are placed on a monthly stipend of N65, 000. The militants however complained that this has been stopped and in other to survive and make ends meet, they resorted to the criminal act of kidnapping.

“They came out of the bush and intercepted the bus. They were fully armed and directed every one of us into the bush and kept us there. While they were beating us, they said they kidnapped us because the federal and state government had stopped giving them the amnesty stipends that they received monthly. They said that is why they are kidnapping people and they said they would continue to kidnap people.” Mr Happy said

Mr Happy added that the kidnappers stated that no security agent in Nigeria can stop them from kidnapping.

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