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Monday 14 May 2018

Girl, 10, "sexually abused in cinema by businessman in full view of her mum"

A businessman was filmed sexually abusing a young girl who sat next to him with her mother in a cinema in India.

KV Moitheenkutty, 60, was arrested over the weekend, nearly a month after the incident was caught on camera. He was allegedly filmed carrying out sexual acts on both the 10-year-old girl and her mother in Edappal, Kerala, southern India.

Cinema bosses handed the footage to charity Childline who then contacted police. However, the police did nothing about it. it was only when they showed clips on TV that police arrested Moitheenkutty – who owns several jewelry shops – and he confessed to what he had done, according to the Hindu.

A sub-inspector has been suspended for failing to act sooner, according to Gulf News.

A spokesman for Childline said: "We had checked the entire footage. He was abusing the mother and child at the same time, that too continuously from the beginning to the end.

"During the movie interval, he stops, goes out and then comes back to resume the sexual assault. After informing the police, we approached them every day to follow up. We waited till Saturday as we thought that the police should be given time to trace him. Still, they didn’t act."

Moitheenkutty has been charged with sexual assault and the use of criminal force with intent to outrage a woman’s modesty.

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