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Wednesday 9 May 2018

British toddler falls to his death after climbing out of window while his mother was cleaning

An 18-month-old boy died after falling out of a second-floor window as his mother was cleaning their apartment.

Spencer, the son of Australian expat Holly Bishop, 28, and her British partner Robert Devlin, 32, fell to his death at their apartment in Lagos, Portugal on Saturday.

Holly had Spencer following her around the apartment as she was cleaning, but she went into a panic when she turned around and couldn't find the toddler. She searched the apartment to no avail, so she rushed to a window which had been left open and was devastated to see her child lying on the pavement several metres below.

Ms Bishop's sister Jess Marach said her sister had opened the window slightly to help air the home out and could hear Spencer in the background.

"She then continued to clean the apartment and again couldn't see Spencer or now hear him either," Ms Marach said. "She thought he was getting up to mischief as kids do when they go quiet, so she went past the bathroom and didn't see him there, so then went into his room and found that he wasn't there either."

Holly Bishop then noticed the window was open all the way and rushed over to look outside.

"[Ms Bishop] ran over to look [and] saw little Spencer on the ground outside with people surrounding him and she ran straight down the stairs to him, "Ms Marach said.

Spenser was still breathing at the time, and neighbours reported seeing a young man attempting to save the boy with first aid. He suffered critical injuries and was rushed to Algarve University Hospital Centre's pediatric intensive care unit, but later died.

Police in Portugal, where the family have lived for several years, are investigating the events leading up to the tragedy.

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