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Wednesday 28 March 2018

Unbelievable! Bee filmed waving at little girl after she saved it with sugar and water

This story of a bee waving at a little girl that saved its life would have been hard to believe had there not been video evidence.

3-year-old pupil Olivia Higham rescued a bee, then gave it water and sugar to revive it. Before the bee flew off, the girl waved at it and the bee raised one of its front legs and waved back. It looked like a coincidence but the girl waved again and the bee lifted its foreleg and waved again.

Young Olivia was so delighted and broke out in a massive smile when the bee lifted its leg to wave right back at her. Her father, Sam Higham, 28, filmed the moment.

Sam said: "It’s like she’s made a great new friend, and a couple of people have said it’s like a real life Bee Movie. It’s really sweet."

It was the second time in three days the bee had been rescued by Olivia and her dad, who are from Oswaldtwistle, Lancashire.

Sam said: "On Thursday I went to pick Olivia up from nursery and we found this bee on the side of the road. We picked it up and brought it home and fed it sugar and water. Once it was up and running again we let it out in our back garden.

"Olivia loved it. She was really invested in the bee and interested in helping it. I told her we were giving it sugar and water to help it and she kept repeating what I was saying.

"Then on Saturday morning she was outside and she started shouting, 'bee, bee'. It was the exact same on we saw on Thursday and he was not doing too well.

"We brought it inside and gave it sugar and water again, and Olivia just started waving at it. I was amazed when it started waving back. I thought I was seeing things. Olivia was so excited and really loved it. When she saw the bee waving back and carried on doing it, it was a lovely moment.

"She looks out for bees a lot more now.

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