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Tuesday 29 November 2016

Photos: Man pretending to be a woman to obtain money from men arrested in Uganda

Police officers have arrested a man in Uganda, Ivan Bebeto, after complaints about a certain woman who steals money from men under the pretence of being a commercial sex worker was made.

According to local media reports, Bebeto, who calls himself Queen, was nabbed after it was revealed that he disguises himself to look like a woman and then steals money from his male victims.

Gewas was described by his victims as a 'beautiful woman who wore short skirts and heavy makeup.' His notorious activities were reportedly carried out in East and Central Africa.

Bebeto met his waterloo when a man who was interested in him, under the assumption that he was a woman, paid him for sexual favours. Bebeto said he could not go to his house, claiming he felt more comfortable in his room, and thus asked the supposed customer to accompany him to a room where he kept his items.

It was that moment that the man suspected Babeto might be a criminal pretending to be a woman and quickly informed the police. The police raided the apartment and during interrogation, the truth was revealed

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